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Anterior chest wall resection and sternal body wedge for primary chest wall tumour: reconstruction technique with biological meshes and titanium plates

Authors: Alberto Sandri, Giovanni Donati, Carlo Droz Blanc, Victor Auguste Nigra, Matteo Gagliasso, Roberto Barmasse


Chest wall tumours are heterogeneous neoplasms, either primary or metastatic, with a malignancy rate of 50%. Surgical resection is one of the mainstays of the treatment, however, chest wall resections can be particularly challenging depending onto the resection size, site and patient habitus. The surgical strategy should be carefully analysed preoperatively, keeping in mind the need of an oncological radical resection (R0) in accordance to the reconstruction principles elicited by le Roux and Sherma since 1983, which include restoring the chest wall rigidity, preserving pulmonary mechanics, protect the intrathoracic organs, avoiding paradox movements of the chest cavity and, possibly, to reduce the thoracic deformity. In this context, we herewith report our surgical reconstruction technique following an anterior chest wall resection and sternal body wedge for a primary chest wall tumour (chondrosarcoma).

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