Article Abstract

An unusual case of incomplete Carney triad: an 18-year-old girl suffering from multiple benign tumors

Authors: Guan Shi, Yong Cui, Ying He, Min Gong


Carney triad is a rare syndrome that involves gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), pulmonary chondroma and extra-adrenal paraganglioma. Patients presenting GIST and pulmonary chondroma account for 72.7% of all incomplete Carney triad cases. Clinically, it is mainly diagnosed by radiological images and pathological results. Some studies have elucidated the pathogenesis of Carney triad. Surgical resection is the preferred treatment for Carney triad. Generally speaking, the prognosis of patients with Carney triad has been satisfied. According to current reports, the rate of 40-year survival is up to 73%. The case reports an 18-year-old girl suffering from pulmonary chondroma and posterior mediastinal paragangliomaleg, simultaneously with pulmonary hamartoma, breast fibroma and lower limb chondroma.