Special Series

Cough Section

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Cough is among the most common complaints for which patients worldwide seek medical attention. Acute cough, defined as cough of less than 3 weeks’ duration, is often transient and self-limited, although it may cause significant morbidity. Chronic cough (>8 weeks duration) often responds to targeted therapy once the underlying cause is defined but,

Grand Rounds

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The Grand Rounds (GR) is designed to become one of the most featured columns in our journal. Currently, GR articles at JTD replay the sessions where a typically intractable case was discussed among a panel of physicians, radiologists, pathologists, thoracic surgeons, oncologists and other healthcare professionals.

GARD Section

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Column Editor: Yousser Mohammad, Alvaro A. Cruz

Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD), a network of organizations led by WHO

ECG Pearls

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Surface 12-lead ECG remains in the 21st century, one of the diagnostic tools most extensively used in clinical practice. For the internist, the anaesthesiologist, the thoracic surgeon, the respirologist and the cardiologist, maintaining ECG interpretation skills is mandatory, as the ECG allows a rapid (and inexpensive) diagnosis of a large series of entities. The advances of new technologies have not replaced the ECG, which still is one of the most cost/effective tools in medicine. Several interventions (in the acute and chronic phases of a disease) are still guided by the proper analysis of the surface ECG.

Quantitative Imaging of Thoracic Diseases

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Column Editor: Yì Xiáng J. Wáng, Jiang Lin

The importance of quantitative imaging has been increasingly recognized both in clinical and research settings, motivated particularly by the growing need for individualized precision medicine. This focused issue of Journal of Thoracic Diseasehighlights current topics in the field of quantitative imaging addressing many common yet in the meantime debilitating diseases in the chest.

ICC Column: The Voice of the Patient

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Past Column Editor: Lawrence Grouse

What is the core value of clinical service and medical research? It follows the most important rule that “patients come first.” And what on earth drives our aim and scope at Journal of Thoracic Disease (JTD)? It is the passion for patient benefits. In August 2012, JTD was endorsed by and has been collaborating with the International COPD Coalition (ICC) ever since. JTD’s ICC column is jointly elaborated by JTD and ICC as a regular column with the global efforts of COPD patient organizations, lung physicians and experts dealing with the global COPD epidemic. ICC column aims at exploring the protection of patients’ rights in clinical diagnosis and treatment through introducing the endeavor and achievement made internationally for COPD patient benefits. It concerns social issues with wide topics including the patients’ rights protection, reducing patients’ health care expenses, medical bribery, and the relationship between pharmaceutical industry development and patients’ rights, to name a few.

Evidenced-Based Clinical Problem Solving Article

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Column Editor: Zhongheng Zhang

Evidenced-Based Clinical Problem Solving is an approach to patient care that involves considering the best available research and practice guidelines associated with a specific clinical situation. The column of Evidenced-based clinical problem solving in JTD aims to provide a platform for the communication between researchers and clinicians.

Interventional Pulmonology Corner (IP Corner)

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Column Editor: Kassem Harris

The goal of this Interventional Pulmonology Corner (IP Corner) is to continuously provide the readers with most updated evidence and knowledge on interventional pulmonology. The IP Corner is dedicated to publishing articles related to minimally invasive thoracic procedures. This most particularly involves topics related to diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy, pleural procedures, and percutaneous tracheostomy.

Statistics Corner

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Column Editor: Luca Bertolaccini

The goal of the special section on Statistic Corner in the Journal of Thoracic Disease is to en able readers to confront which statistical method to apply and when by conveying statistic al knowledge in the general strategies for the statistical analysis. Biostatistics is a growing topic of a continuous development of new techniques and the understanding of it is import ant to all Thoracic Surgeons, but what Thoracic Surgeons need is to take small doses of Bio statistics, ready to use, and absorbable in a few minutes. This is mainly why the readers of the Journal of Thoracic Disease may ask the Editors a Statistics Corner.