Prof. Denis E. O’Donnell: personalized treatment of COPD

Posted On 2014-07-30 17:04:11

Working in Queen’s University, Canada, Professor Denis E. O’Donnell Mainly focuses his clinical efforts on COPD and pulmonary rehabilitation. He is actually a versatile specialist on multiple disciplines as Biomedical & Molecular Sciences, Rehabilitation Medicine and Kinesiology & Health Studies. He used to serve as Chair in the development of best practice guidelines for the management of COPD in Canada and has been a senior author in over 260 scientific publications. Meanwhile, he has been playing a significant role in various organizations, currently as the National Canadian Delegate for the European Respiratory Society. In the Third International Conference on Respiratory Diseases, Professor Denis has shared with JTD of his invaluable insight into the detection and treatment of COPD, including the influence of factors as obesity, evaluation tools, and potential aspects of COPD to be addressed in future conferences.


Professor Denis E. O’Donell