Vol 8, Supplement 3 (March 2016): dedicated to the 4th Asian Single Port VATS Symposium

Posted On 2016-12-28 18:04:53

This special issue of the Journal of Thoracic Disease will extends the presentations and discussions of this exciting meeting to provide a comprehensive overview on current progress of single port VATS. Here we would like to highlight the articles by Yu et al. and Tu et al. Yu reviewed the history of VATS and the development of single port VATS, especially in Asian region. With respect to technique feasibility, patient safety, oncological outcome, the single port approach is gaining popularity and being accepted by more and more thoracic surgeons. In addition, we would like to highlight the articles by Song et al. They reported 105 cases of lobectomy completed with only one port through subxiphoid approach. In their study, the technical difficulties and potential advantage of less chest pain caused by intercostal neuralgia were discussed. In another study, Zhao et al. completed 13 cases of thoracoscopic thymectomy for thymoma through subxiphoid and subcostal arch approaches.